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Nostalgic Overload

I have decided to repurpose this blog.

NOW will be a means for me to post videos links and information about those indie bands we used to know.

Not all of them disbanded; battered broken and out of ideas after they’d seen the worst of the sophomore slump. Many of them emerged with more music, and some of it is good. Did you notice?

To start, posts will come Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. CST

Death to False Metal - Weezer

Weezer’s latest album Hurley was released just barely a month ago on September 10th. This record blew myself, and many other people away, and is all around a great record. This is why I was so excited to learn about Weezer’s next album, Death to False Metal, which is to be debuted just one short week from now on November 2. For anyone hesitant to submit their credit card information to, I found one of the new tracks on Youtube for your listening pleasure.

Odd Couple:

You can also read more about the record here at Weezerpedia:

  • Track Name

    All We Grow

  • Album

    All We Grow (Bonus Track Version)

  • Artist

    S. Carey

A friend recently showed me something I love just as much as Bon Iver.

Sean Carey is a member of Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver project that put out For Emma, Forever Ago, the Bloodbank - EP, and the Volcano Choir (Bon Iver and Collections of Colonies of Bees) collaboration record, Unmap. He just released the 2010 record, All We Grow, and it is super awesome. I’ve listened to it a ton of times already and I like every track. It’s a lot more ambient and flowing than Vernon’s music. Every track has soft, long, and echoey sounds that are ridiculously intriguing. My favorite part about the music is Carey’s use of tension and release with dissonance. It’s soft music that is its own animal, it isn’t something you can fall asleep to because it makes you think so much. Sensory overload? Perhaps. The title track is one of my favorites, make sure to click the play button above.

Follow S. Carey here (tumblr):

Pitchfork review here:


  • Track Name

    The Suburbs (continued)

  • Album

    The Suburbs

  • Artist

    Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire played tonight in New York’s Madison Square Garden. I got to see this show since it was streamed on Youtube. Which is super legit. I downloaded the band’s new record the Suburbs earlier today, and heard the songs they played from it at the show as well. And I am impressed. This track is called The Suburbs (continued).

The band’s set from tonight (or most of it):

  • No Cars Go
  • Haiti
  • The Suburbs
  • The Suburbs (continued)
  • Crown of Love
  • Rococo
  • Intervention
  • We Used to Wait
  • Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
  • Rebellion (Lies)
  • Month of May
  • Keep the Car Running
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • Sprawl (Flatland)
  • Sprawl II (Mountans Beyond Mountains)
  • Wake Up
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